Staff Directory

Wendy Goodman
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Leesa Smith
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Laura McIntosh
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Ellan Price
First Grade
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Debra Featherstone
First Grade
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Elizabeth Davidson
Second Grade
Beth Davidson  Beth Davidson with a mask
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Swathi Chidurala
Second Grade
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Elizabeth Horton
Third Grade
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Kelly Tracy
Third Grade
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Michelle Marquez
Fourth Grade
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Jennifer Raymond
Fourth Grade
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Ted Parks
Fifth Grade
Ted Parks  Ted Parks with a mask

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Kim Dessen
Fifth Grade
 Kim Dessen  Kim Dessen with a mask
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Support Staff
OMA/Fine Arts

Cynthia Miltenberger--Dance/ OMA integration artis
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Paul Ensey-- Orchestra/ violins
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Holly Schurr-- Band
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Instructional Specialists

Monica Granillo-  K-5 Math
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Marty Bail--  Primary Reading
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Jennifer Ratliff -- Intermediate Reading
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Healthy Play
Mr. Ash
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Library Assistant
Dorothy Wilson
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Rosalia Caballero 
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Jenn Matsuyama 
Jenn Matsuyama   Jenn Matsuyama with her mask
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MTSS Coordinator
Kevra Rich
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Curriculum Service Provider
Wendy Johnson-Roe
Wendy Johnson-Roe  Wendy Johnson-Roe wearing a mask
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Alex Hinrichsen
Mr. Hinrichsen  Mr. Hinrichsen with a mask
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Ms. Madison Sween
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Occupational Therapist
Susanne Wilson 
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Physical Therapist
Suzanne Robertson
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Social Worker
Cindy Garcia
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Beatrice Romero
Oscar Vazquez

Food Services Manager
Shawna Robb

Teaching Assistants
Pascuala Kin (Explorer TA)
Melanie Kerg (Explorer TA)

Monitor/ TA
Mrs. Pat
Regina Lopez
Liz Careaga
Alma Patterson
Mr. Alec
Ms. Ophelia
Office Support
Lori Munday
Attendance Clerk
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Kenia Alvarado-Martinez
Office Manager
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Health Office
Jacqueline Freed
Health Assistant
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Kristen Poirier
School Nurse
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Exceptional Education
Leslie Anderson Ryan
Mrs. Leslie  Mrs. Leslie with a mask
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Kelsay Knutson
Kelsay Knutson  Kelsay Knutson with a mask
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Garrett Young
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